P1026s EVG data used to change Stribild® and Genvoya® labels

IMPAACT P1026s has now enrolled over 1000 pregnant/postpartum women for intensive pharmacokinetic (PK) sampling of HIV, TB and contraceptive medications and is a widely recognized repository of pregnancy pharmacokinetic data. IMPAACT P1026s has published data describing the safety and PK of over 20 antiretrovirals and its data have served as a key source in dosing recommendations issued by perinatal HIV guidelines committees, including the US Perinatal HIV Guidelines Committee and WHO. The IMPAACT P1026s elvitegravir/cobicistat arm recently published the first data describing the safety and PK of elvitegravir/cobicistat during pregnancy. These data were used as the basis for a recent FDA change in licensing for elvitegravir/cobicistat drugs that includes the recommendation that these drugs not be used in pregnancy due to low drug exposures.

NIAID has also issued a press release related to P1026s, which can be accessed at this link.

Recent P1026s Abstracts and Presentations:

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