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2018 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI)

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Monday, 5 March


HIV-1 viral rebound and safety outcomes of postpartum treatment interruption in women

Le CN, Britto P, Brummel S, Hoffman RM, Flynn PM, Taha TE, Coletti A, Fowler MG, Klingman KL, McIntyre JA, Li JZ, Currier JS



A two-dimensional approach to analyzing broadly neutralizing antibody combinations

Webb NE, Sevaried CM, Tobin NH, Aldrovandi GM



Predictors of virologic failure in postpartum women on ART in PROMISE 1077HS

Hoffman RM, Warshaw M, Amico KR, Pilotto JH, Masheto G, Achalapong J, Machado ES, Chokephaibulkit K, Duarte G, Coletti A, Browning R, Chakhtoura N, Klingman K, and Currier JS, for the PROMISE 1077HS team



Phase I/II study of a raltegravir-containing regimen in HIV-infected children with TB

Meyers T, Krogstad P, Samson P, Acosta EP, Moye J, Townley E, Bradford S, Marillo L, Hovind L, Sise T, Teppler H, Dittmer S, Fairlie L, Hesseling AC, Cotton MF



Pharmacokinetics and safety of lopinavir/ritonavir solution in HIV-infected newborns

Bekker A, Hanan N, Cababasay M, Wang J, Nakwa F, Smith E, Moye J, Violari A, Cotton M, Wiesner L, Norman J, Fourie B, Capparelli EV, Mirochnick M, IMPAACT P1106 team


Tuesday, 6 March


African multi-site 2-year study of neurocognition in HIV infected/affected children

Boivin MJ, Chernoff M, Laughton B, Zimmer B, Joyce C, Barlow-Mosha L, Bwakura-Dangarembizi M, Ratswana M, Fairlie L, Kamthunzi P, McCarthy K, Jean-Philippe P, Violari A, Cotton M, Palumbo P


NWCS 612/ P1072

Intestinal damage and inflammation in perinatally HIV-1-infected African infants

Koay WA, Lindsey JC, Uprety P, Weinberg A, Levin MJ, Bwakura-Dangarembizi M, Persaud D



Etravirine pharmacokinetics in treatmentexperienced HIV-infected children ≥12 mos to <6 yrs


MacBrayne CE, Rutstein R, Yogev R, Wiznia A, Fairlie L, Graham B, Alvero C, Moye J, Townley E, Crauwels H, Woot de Trixhe X, Tambuyzer L, Vanveggel S, Opsomer M, Kiser JJ


Wednesday, 7 March


Similar clinical outcomes between formula and breastfeeding women in PROMISE

Hoffman RM, Angelidou K, Brummel SS, Saidi F, Violari A, Dula D, Mave V, Fairlie L, Theron G, Kamateeka M, Chipato T, Klingman K, Chakhtoura N, Currier JS, Fowler MG, for the PROMISE 1077BF/FF team

Oral presentation


PROMISE trial: Results of continued vs discontinued ART after end of breastfeeding

Taha TE, Brummel S, Angelidou K, Fowler MG, Flynn PM, Mukuzunga C, Dula DE, Owor M, Moodley D, Chipato T, Loftis AJ, Chakhtoura N, McCarthy K, Currier JS, for the IMPAACT PROMISE Study Team

Oral presentation


Randomized trial of safety of isoniazid preventive therapy during or after pregnancy


Gupta A, Montepiedra G, Aaron L, Theron G, McCarthy K, Onyango-Makumbi C, Chipato T, Masheto G, Shin K, Zimmer B, Sterling TR, Chakhtoura N, Jean-Philippe P, Weinberg A, for the IMPAACT P1078//TB APPRISE Study Team

Oral presentation


Pregnancy associated vaginal proteome alterations linked to HIV acquisition risks


Zuend CF, Tobin N, Birse K, Noël-Romas L, Vera T, Kotyrba L, Mutch S, Abo M, McCorrister S, Westmacott G, Aldrovandi GM, Burgener A


NWCS 121

Infant HIV vaccination: relationship to childhood vaccines and maternal antibodies


Itell H, McGuire E, Chen M, Muresan P, Permar S, and Fouda G


NWCS 116/ P1025

Markers of preterm delivery in HIV+ women; Role of protease inhibitors and vitamin D


Weinberg A, Huo Y, Kacanek D, Patel K, Watts H, Wara D, Klawitter J, Christians U, for IMPAACT Team P1025



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