1077FF (10778): Formula Feeding Version of the PROMISE Study

Study Status Study Restriction

Closed to Follow Up


What is 1077FF?

1077FF is a randomized strategy trial, which is part of the PROMISE studies (1077BF, 1077FF, P1084s, and 1077HS). The Promoting Maternal and Infant Survival Everywhere (PROMISE) Protocol is a research protocol of the IMPAACT network designed to address in an integrated and comprehensive fashion critical questions currently facing HIV-infected pregnant and postpartum women and their infants:

  • What is the optimal intervention for the prevention of antepartum and intrapartum transmission of HIV?
  • What is the optimal intervention for the preservation of maternal health after the risk period for prevention of mother-to-child-transmission ends (either at delivery or cessation of BF)?
This version of the PROMISE protocol (IMPAACT 1077FF) is intended for those sites where the standard method of infant feeding is formula feeding.

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Study documents:

Other Study Implementation Documents

Sites where the study is implemented:

CRS ID Site Name City Country


BJ Medical College CRS

Pune, Maharashtra





South Africa


Family Clinical Research Unit (FAM-CRU) CRS

Cape Town

South Africa

Study contacts:

Study Chair: Mary Glenn Fowler

Study Vice-Chair: Tsungai Chipato

Study Vice-Chair: Anna Coutsoudis

Study Vice-Chair: Judith Currier

Study Vice-Chair: Patricia Flynn

Study Vice-Chair: James McIntyre

DAIDS Medical Officer: Renee Browning

DAIDS Medical Officer: Patrick Jean-Philippe

NICHD Medical Officer: Nahida Chakhtoura

Clinical Trials Specialist: Anne Coletti

Clinical Trials Specialist: Katie McCarthy

DAIDS Clinical Representative: Judi Miller

Data Manager: Barbara Heckman

Data Manager: Linda Marillo

Drug Co. Representative: Sibtain Rahim

Drug Co. Representative: James Rooney

Drug Co. Representative: Wendy Snowden

Drug Co. Representative: Helen Watson

Field Representative: Linda Barlow-Mosha

Field Representative: Nina Sublette

Field Representative: Mary Toye

ICAB Representative: Lindiwe Msweli

Immunologist: Katherine Luzuriaga

Immunologist: Adriana Weinberg

Investigator: Arlene Bardeguez

Investigator: Benjamin Chi

Investigator: Marc Lallemant

Investigator: Elizabeth (Betsy) McFarland

Investigator: Dhayendre Moodley

Investigator: Karin Nielsen

Investigator: Lynda Stranix-Chibanda

Investigator: Taha Taha

Laboratory Data Manager (LDM): Kevin Knowles

Laboratory Data Manager (LDM): Rebecca LeBlanc

Medical Officer: Karin Klingman

Pharmaceutical Company Representative: Melody Billena

Pharmacologist: Mark Mirochnick

Protocol Pharmacist: Lynette Purdue

Statistician: Paula Britto

Statistician: Mae Cababasay

Statistician: Terence Fenton

Statistician: David Shapiro

Virologist: Susan Fiscus



Funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and the National Institute of Mental Health of the US National Institutes of Health, US Department of Health and Human Services.